Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Head and Butter

I used to spend hours wondering what had become of people I knew. But lately, Facebook has freed up about 99 percent of those hours for me. Now when I think: "What ever happened to that one girl? You know, the one who wore the purple dress to Homecoming? Oh, what was her name? Sharon something. Sharon...Sharon...oh hell, I'll just look up her best friend Molly Gumdrop on the old FB, go to her friend box, search 'Sharon' and there it is. Sharon Lollilump! I wonder what happened to her? I'm gonna friend that ugly brat and spy on her pictures." Boom. The whole process from thought to stalk only took 2 minutes--depending on how fast she accepts my friendship. (Which, if she really existed, would probably take quite some time. She always was a lazy procrastinator. Why do you think she ended up with that purple dress? It was the last one left in Charlotte Russe that's why!)

So now, with the 99 percent more hours left in my day to think about other things, I've started wondering what has become of people I didn't know. People who I happened upon at one time or another, but I have no idea of their names. I really want to know what's going on with them!

I've decided to take full advantage of this blog forum--since it is reaching out to all corners of the world (maybe universe) and I most likely have over 1M followers already--to contact these mystery folks.

Like the man who choked on a taco shell at the table next to me in 1982 at Ernie's Mexican Restaurant in the Valley. Are you out there sir? Remember? You were choking and the waiter gave you the Heimlich and then you yelled at him and blamed the taco?! Remember, you said it was too crunchy? And then you demanded another plate of tacos??!! And then you got it and ate it all and then complained when the bill came because you wanted it to be free?? Remember, I was the little girl that was staring at you the whole time thinking "boy oh boy, I hope I never have to be a waiter!" And then when I did grow up to be a waiter, every time I encountered a bad customer I thought, "if they choke I am not saving them!" REMEMBER?!!!!!!

Or the red-haired boy at a McDonald's Play Area in Diamond Bar circa 1985, are you there?! You were really loud and kept pushing all the kids down and then stuck your head through the bars of the tall turnstile and it got stuck?! You remember, right?! Yeah, remember you started screaming really loudly so your mom tried to feed you nuggets while you were still stuck to calm you down??  And then remember your dad and the manager of McDonald's started pulling you with all their might? You remember, they had to bring out a big tub of Mcbutter and put it all over your head to slicken your skull? Remember you started screaming that it burned and then for most my life 'til very recently I was under the impression that butter--when in direct contact with bare skin--burns like acid?!!! REMEMBER?!!!!!!

Or YOU, the guy in front of me at Oktoberfest that opted for Nachos instead of Brat, or YOU the guy who sold me dishwasher detergent filled capsules at a rave and called them ecstasy, remember?!! Or the homeless guy in downtown LA who had a bone sticking out of his leg with a happy face drawn on the end of it, or the guy that signed me up for my first Contiki Visa credit card with an introductory interest rate of 28%?!!!! REMEMBER???? WHERE ARE YOU GUYS!!

Totally friend me! I want to see what's up :)


  1. Entertaining as hell Kellie! I'm a follower and friend, even if you're a stalker!


  2. Taco guy from '82: Dead

    Ginger at Micky Dee's from '85: Writing "Human Target" fan fiction in Mom's basement. Still really in to butter.

    Homeless guy: Bearded relief pitcher for the Giants

  3. You should invent the acquaintance network.